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    A perfect color and high dispersion


Demantoid is the rarest and the most valuable  member the garnet group. The color spectrum varies from a golden honey-colored  to a vivid green. The dispersion (0.057) is higher than that of diamond (0.044). Dermatoid garnets look best in daylight. Because of its high dispersion has rainbow-coloured flashes of light in the stone.

The largest demantoid deposits are located in the Middle Urals, Russia. According to recent studies, the richest and highest quality demantoid deposit is located near Ekaterinburg. The most famous is Poldnevskoye field.

The deposit covers an area of 40 hectares.  The main productive mineralization of the site is concentrated within long steeply falling veins of the chrysotile-antigorite-carbonate composition. Within the veins are extremely rare and unevenly localized mineralized pockets with demantoid.

Demantoids from the Poldnevskoye field occur in all possible colors but green color is the most typically. Our demantoids doesn’t need any treatment (low-temperature heat treatment to remove or reduce the brown color component).

This kind of treatment is characteristic of the demantoids of neighboring deposits.

Poldnevskoy demantoids are renowned for combination of vivid green color and high dispersion. 

Another distinctive feature is the inclusion of bissolite. This inclusion, also called by gemologists  the ‘horse tail’. Stones with such inclusions are considered especially rare and expensive. They are mined only in the Middle Ural, Russia.

“Demantoid Poldnevskoy” has a license to develop Poldnevskoy deposit until 2038. The company is the official demantoid producer, one of the most beautiful and rare stones in the world.

Demantoid colors

I         bluish Green

II        Green

III       slightly yellowish Green

IV       yellowish Green

V        greenish Yellow


About us

“Demantoid Poldnevskoy” has a license to develop Poldnevskoy deposit until 2038. The company is the official miners and suppliers of  Ural demantoids.

The dominant size of the stones is 3-5 mm (in rare cases - up to 20 mm).

The projected amount of demantoid crystal raw materials within Poldnevskoye deposit area is estimated at by category P1+P2 –1000 kg, including P1 –650 kg.

“Demantoid Poldnevskoy” has a full production cycle – from deposit mining with automatic equipment to quality final cutting stones by sizes from 1 to 20 mm.

There are more than 4000 faceted demantoids by all sizes and colors on stock.

The shape of cutted and polished stones is mainly round diamond. But there are an option to make all kind of shape by your order. Mining process goes all year round so constant availability of raw material gives an opportunity to supply all kind and color demantoids.

Sales markets –China, India, USA, Europe, Japan, South Korea, Russia.

Office, show-room and cutting department located at 28 Radishcheva street, Ekaterinburg, Russia.

This is the place for business meeting, choosing demantoids and making purchase decisions.

If you are a wholesaler – we are ready to come to your country with the set of demantoids  and present the unique and rare gemstone.

 “Demantoid Poldnevskoy” welcomes customers, dealers and participants of precious and semi-precious gemstone market for cooperation in wholesale and retail purchase.

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Demantoid history

Demantoids were discovered in the 50-ies of the XIX century in Nizhny Tagil. In the valley of the Bobrovka river miners washed gold, platinum, and some times they used to get green stones — the unknown minerals has been accepted for the unusual "Ural chrysolite". (на страницу с историе – берите текст из старого сайта)


More than 4000 faceted stones on stock

All sizes and colors available

Official mining from 2013

The reputation of the world's best demantoids

A rich and beautiful history roots from Imperial Russia

A “horsetail” inclusions

Dispersion better than diamonds

Faceting by your order